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Jacquard woven mattress fabric


Jacquard is a fabric with an intricate pattern that is woven into warp threads on special mechanical looms rather than printed on the surface. These fabrics come in a variety of compositions and weights and can be used for a variety of purposes. Lightweight jacquard fabrics are often chosen for spring and summer clothing, while heavier fabrics have a say in the colder seasons.

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What is jacquard fabric?



The jacquard loom is a mechanical loom invented in 1804 by French textile craftsman Joseph Marie Jacquard. Jacquard is a material made using a fine weaving technique. Fabrics woven with looms have intricate patterns woven directly into the fabric. Therefore, any fabric with a weave pattern is similar to jacquard, but technically only a fabric woven with a jacquard loom can be considered a true example of such a fabric.


Primarily valued for its decorative qualities, jacquard is also a relatively durable and heavyweight fabric, and these attributes can be accentuated by weaving jacquard with wool or other durable materials. Jacquard fabrics can be made from a variety of fibers, including natural cotton and silk. We can obtain jacquard through man-made fibers such as polyester and polyester-cotton blends. Jacquard is very thick and elegant in terms of physical properties. Ideal for a variety of household items, including mattresses, curtains, duvets and furniture upholstery.





Jacquard fabric classification
Plain Jacquard Fabric
Soft and delicate to the touch, smooth and unique texture, good gloss, good drape and breathability, and high color fastness (dyeing).
Satin Jacquard
The warp and weft yarns are intertwined at least once, so the satin weave makes the fabric denser, so the fabric is thicker.
Jacquard Mattress Fabric
With a sense of decoration and quality, it is one of the main fabrics for bedding production.




Why use jacquard fabric for mattress?


Jacquard fabrics have many unique properties that make them the perfect fabric choice for mattresses. Here are some of their main advantages:


●  High density, long life

The density of the jacquard fabric can reach 250g/m2, which gives the mattress the strength needed to withstand a variety of customizations and applications. high density. Jacquard mattresses are difficult to damage due to the manufacturing method that makes the pattern very tight and compact. The ability to stay in shape for a long time.


●  Durable and wrinkle resistant, easy care

Jacquard mattresses neither fade nor stretch. This material also washes well. The polyester jacquard mattress will not wrinkle or form folds and requires little ironing! Not easy to wrinkle, easy to smooth. The jacquard mattress does not absorb water, any stains can be removed with a damp cloth, and heavy stains can be washed with a washing machine.


●  Soft and smooth, not easy to fade

The quality requirements of the yarns used in jacquard are extremely high. If the quality is too low, the final pattern will not be woven. The yarn count is generally around 40. The quality of the jacquard bed is thick, soft and smooth. It is not easy to deform, fade, pilling, refreshing and breathable when using. Comfortable to touch; jacquard fabrics made of natural fibers or a small amount of synthetic fibers have good hygroscopicity and are comfortable to use;


●  Unique craftsmanship and luxurious appearance

The jacquard fabric has unique weaving process, uniform pattern, strong three-dimensional effect and higher grade. Patterns such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds, animals, etc. can be woven. Worry about boring and monotonous patterns. A gorgeous aesthetic appearance regardless of the type of production, richness of form, variety of textures and colors;


●  Clear layers and strong stereoscopic effect

Monochrome jacquard fabric is a jacquard dyed fabric, which is a solid-color fabric dyed by jacquard grey fabric after being woven by a jacquard loom. The pattern of this jacquard fabric is large and delicate, with distinct color layers and strong three-dimensional effect, while the pattern of the dobby fabric is relatively simple.



Process design process


     The process design includes pattern design, weave design and braiding parameter setting.


     Pattern design is to select the appropriate pattern for processing in order to import CAD process design software The permit holder shall, no later than one month.


     The organization design means that the Jacquard part carries on the wrap edge processing, the non-jacquard part carries on the connection point to lay (optional) , the overall pattern carries on the color block to fill, mainly uses in the fabric cloth surface effect to set, is equivalent to the intention design. 


     The weaving setting assigns different color blocks in each line of the design pattern to different weaving instructions in the same pattern line. The needle barrel part and the needle plate part can choose the color block code according to the Jacquard pattern or color block filling effect, such as twill, Sesame Point, solid color effect The permit holder shall, no later than one month.



     We have a complete production line and professional quality control team to carry out strict quality control. We will get back to you within 24 hours to help you solve the problem.


      The company is a set design, development, production and sales of professional household textiles company, specializing in textile supplies, not only manufacturers are exporters.


     We are mattress fabric manufacturers & exporters of knitted mattress fabrics, jacquard fabrics, pillowcases and mattress covers.


China Woven Jacquard Mattress Fabric Manufacturers


China Woven Jacquard Mattress Fabric Manufacturers have become renowned for their quality products. With a wide selection of colors and textures, these manufacturers offer a variety of fabrics perfect for any mattress. The fabrics are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and other high-grade fibres, ensuring superior softness and durability. Manufacturers also use advanced weaving technology to ensure evenness in weight and texture. Moreover, their fabrics come with a range of features including anti-bacterial, anti-mite, flame retardant, hypoallergenic and waterproof coatings. With such features, these fabrics are ideal for mattresses that need to last long and provide comfort. Furthermore, China Woven Jacquard Mattress Fabric Manufacturers employ eco-friendly practices in the production process by using renewable energy sources such as solar power. This ensures that their fabrics are not only of the highest quality but also environmentally friendly.



China Woven Jacquard Mattress Fabric Manufacturers have been in the industry for many years providing top-notch quality mattress fabrics. Their commitment to quality is unparalleled, and their fabrics are renowned for their luxurious feel and durability. They use only the finest raw materials to ensure that every product they create is of the highest standard. Their fabrics come in a wide range of colors and patterns, ensuring that they can be used to create stunning mattresses. In addition, they offer custom designs so that customers can have exactly what they need for their mattress. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, it's no wonder that China Woven Jacquard Mattress Fabric Manufacturers are a leader in the industry.


Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Clothing Co., Ltd, established in 1989, is a company specialized in producing kinds of decoration fabric. With total area of 100,000 square meters.


We are a professional company with the integration of design, development, production and sales of kinds of household textiles.



With imported equipment from Germany and Italy, the company produces jacquard fabric and dyed fabric with numerous varieties used for window curtains, mattress, sofa and so on.


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