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Textured polyester fabric

Polyester has several advantages. Does not absorb moisture, but absorbs oil; this quality makes polyester the perfect fabric for waterproof, stain and fire resistant finishes. Its low water absorption also makes it naturally stain-resistant. Polyester garments can be pre-shrunk during the finishing process, after which the fabric resists shrinkage and will not stretch and deform. The fabric is easy to dye and will not be damaged by mildew. Textured polyester is an effective, non-allergenic insulator, so the material can be used to fill pillows, quilts, coats and sleeping bags.


Textured polyester fabric

Textured polyester fabric
Textured polyester fabric
Textured polyester fabric

    Model: RLS-231

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Door width: 220cm

    Gram weight: 280gsm


    Factory equipment-Knitted mattress fabric


    Textured polyester fabric is a type of fabric that has been texturized to create a raised or nubby surface. This process can be done in a number of ways, the most common of which is to use chemicals or mechanical means to raise the fibers on the surface of the fabric. The end result is a fabric with more body and texture than smooth polyester fabric.Click here to learn more about knitted mattress fabrics.


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    Features of 100% polyester:

    ▸Fibers are durable and lightweight

    ▸It dries very fast

    ▸It is very wrinkle resistant

    ▸Polyester fibers are easy to dye (color)

    ▸It holds its shape well

    ▸It is highly stain resistant and therefore very easy to clean

    ▸Very economical price compared to other synthetic fibers such as nylon


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